Take a trip with Zawadi to Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills and beautiful nature. Spot the Big5 in Akagera National Park or encounter monkeys during a walk on the volcanoes. The program is filled with local culture and experiences. Became curious? Read on for an impression of the trip and attend the information evening.

  • Why go to Rwanda?

    • Rwanda is a small country in Africa which makes it very easy to see the entire country in a short time;
    • Rwanda is a safe country;
    • Despite the fact that Rwanda is very small, the country is very diverse. There is a safari park, a tropical rainforest, a volcanic area, a hilly landscape and the capital Kigali with an area of ​​more than 3x Amsterdam. As a result, Rwanda offers a very diverse offering in relatively little travel time;
    • Rwanda has many interactive workshops, museums and cultural experiences to offer;
    • The local people in Rwanda are extremely nice and helpful.

    Are you still in doubt? Then quickly read the FAQ at the bottom of this page for more information!

  • What is there to do?

    Rwanda is known for its beautiful nature, national parks and diversity of flora and fauna. For example, bird watchers from all over the world travel to Rwanda to spot the most special species of birds.

    Rwanda is very focused on tourism (think of the 'Visit Rwanda' campaign by the Arsenal football team) and therefore there is a lot to do! There are many cultural workshops, museums and interactive experiences.

    Are you curious about what activities are planned for this trip? Read the FAQ at the bottom of this page!

  • Provisional itinerary

    • The trip starts with a flight to the capital Kigali where we will be for the first two days.
    • We then go to Kamembe where we stay for 3 days in a hotel with a view of Lake Kivu.
    • The journey continues north where we stay in the volcano district. We can also stay here for 3 days.
    • For the last 5 days we return to the capital Kigali where another fantastic program awaits us. We will go on a day excursion to the Akagera safari park.
    • Curious about all the activities during the trip? Read the FAQ at the bottom of this page!

Benefits of traveling with Zawadi

  • Dutch and local travel guidance,
  • A program tailored to the wishes of the group,
  • Private driver during the entire trip,
  • Visit places where not all tourists go,
  • All highlights included in the program,
  • A competitive price due to the small scale!

Come to the information evening

Are you interested in going on a trip to Rwanda? Awesome! Please come to the information evening for more information. Are you not yet sure whether the group trip to Rwanda is something for you? No problem, the information evening is also intended for you!

At the information evening you will receive the full picture of the trip so that you can become even more enthusiastic or so that you can make an informed choice about whether to come along!

Date, place & time information evening: Wednesday April 3, location in the middle of the Netherlands to follow.

You can register for the information evening at the very bottom of this page under the FAQ.

Hotel view

From the hotel in Kamembe you have a beautiful view of Lake Kivu. This photo was taken from the balcony of the hotel room. Kamembe is located on the border with Congo and the villages you see further along are also Congolese. Fishermen are busy on the lake all day long catching fresh fish.

On a safari

in Akagera National Park you go on a real African Safari. Can you spot the Big5? Some of the animals you can find in this park: Elephants, Giraffes, Lion, Hyena, Buffalo, Crocodile, Zebra, Leopard and many more! Have you packed your binoculars yet?

Tea & Coffee factory

Rwanda is known for the production of tea and coffee. In the west of the country you will find the large tea fields. We visit a tea factory where we see the entire production process, from picking the tea to packaging. Of course we get a delicious tasting with the coffee and tea experience.

Rainforest Hike

Rwanda has a beautiful protected tropical rainforest called Nyungwe Rainforest. Of course we take the opportunity to take a hike through this rainforest so that you can see with your own eyes how beautiful this rainforest is! Along the way we encounter a lot of flora and fauna (including monkeys), a number of waterfalls and we walk over a large canopy suspension bridge.

Fresh breakfast

Every morning we have a delicious fresh breakfast ready for us with fresh fruit, a fried egg, pancakes, waffles or warm potatoes with vegetables. The chefs in the various guesthouses ensure that you are well pampered.

Producer visit

How nice is it to see where Zawadi products are made? During the trip we will also visit a number of manufacturers and tour their workshops. What exactly do they make and how does this process work? A real experience that not every tourist gets the chance to experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below we have included a lot of information about the trip in the frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us!

Practical information for the trip

How long does the journey take?

The trip to Rwanda takes 15 days, of which 2 days are travel days and we have 13 days in Rwanda. We book 14 hotel nights.

Where do we stay during the trip?

During the trip we will stay in three different hotels/guesthouses. When availability permits this is Yambi Guesthouse in Kigali, Peace Guesthouse in Kamembe and in Musanze it is the Garden Palace Hotel.

We stay 8 nights in Kigali, 3 nights in Kamembe and 3 nights in Musanze.

Are there any special requirements for the accommodation (e.g. shared rooms, etc.)?

The trip was based on a double room with private bathroom. The room is therefore shared with one person. If you prefer to have a room to yourself, this is possible at an additional cost. A quadruple room (family room) is also possible.

When does the group trip take place?

The group trip will take place in January 2025. The exact dates can be determined in consultation with the group. The guideline for the trip is January 5 to 19.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants for the trip?

To keep the trip affordable, the minimum number of participants is 10. The maximum number is 16 participants.

If there are too few registrations (7, 8 or 9 registrations), we will look at the options to continue the trip. If there are 6 or fewer registrations, the trip will immediately be canceled.

How can I register for the group trip?

Zawadi will recommend coming to the information evening on (Wednesday, April 3, 2024, location somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands to follow). Here all the details of the trip will be discussed and you will receive all the necessary information.

In the following days, Zawadi will communicate the final travel program, the exact dates and an accurately estimated price. The
Registrations will be open for 6 weeks. After this, it will be determined whether the trip can continue and the trip will be finalized.

Do I need a passport or visa for this destination?

A passport is necessary for the trip to Rwanda. A visa can be applied for in advance or purchased from
arrival at the airport in Kigali. The visa upon arrival in Kigali is included in the trip. If you prefer to arrange the visa in advance, the additional fee charged by the Visa Service is at your own expense.

Why do I have to book my own plane ticket for the trip?

We do this for several reasons. First of all, it is good to mention that booking the plane ticket yourself is cheaper than through Zawadi.
There is a direct flight to Kigali from Brussels Airport and Schiphol airport. There is also a Turkish Airlines flight from Schiphol Airport and Düsseldorf Airport with a transfer to Istanbul. Because the travel times and prices of these trips differ considerably, we want to give every participant the opportunity to make their own choice between costs and comfort. Finally, this method of booking is easier with travel insurance if the trip is canceled.

Naturally, Zawadi provides advice on the various routes and prices and, if necessary, assistance with booking flight tickets.
For each route that Zawadi recommends before the arrival date, Zawadi will receive the participants at the airport. It will be possible to fly with Zawadi on one of the routes.

About Rwanda

Is Rwanda a safe country?

Yes! Rwanda is a very safe country in Africa. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rwanda has a Code Yellow travel advice, which means 'You can travel fine, but be aware of the safety risks'. The security risks in the country are due to the risk of Malaria and the conflict on the border near Gisenyi. The trip does not come close to Gisenyi.

Are there any special clothing or equipment requirements for certain activities / in Rwanda?

In Rwanda it is considered rude to show your knees. That is why it is advisable to wear trousers and skirts that extend over
knee to bear. It is also not appreciated when people walk around without a shirt. In Rwanda it is around 25 degrees and therefore light clothing is recommended. However, it can also be very cool in the morning and evening. Take a thin vest with long sleeves with you to protect against mosquitoes.

Are there any details regarding traveling to Rwanda?

It is good to know that single-use plastic in all forms is banned in Rwanda.

About the program

What activities are included in the trip?

The indicative price is based on the following included activities:

  • City walk through Kigali with guide,
  • Traditional basket weaving workshop,
  • visit to King's Palace museum,
  • Tea experience (plantation, factory & tasting),
  • Hike through the rainforest (including suspension bridge),
  • Safari through Akagera National Park,
  • Boat trip on Lake Kivu + beach day on an island in Lake Kivu,
  • Coffee experience (plantation, factory & tasting),
  • Traditional cooking workshop with local dishes,
  • Visit to HandsPun Hope,
  • Monkey walking tour through the volcano park,
  • Cultural dance experience,
  • Visit to banana beer brewery,
  • Visit to Rwandan beekeeper,
  • Visit to genocide memorial museum,
  • Afternoon at a swimming pool,
  • Imigongo art workshop,
  • Visit to the souvenir market.

We also visit a number of Zawadi producers. There are many viewpoints along the route over the beautiful nature of Rwanda where we will stop.

If there are specific comments from the group at the information evening, this may be adjusted slightly.

What are the highlights of this trip?

Some possible highlights include the Akagera Safari Park, a walk through the Nyungwe rainforest, a walk along the volcanoes to spot monkeys, the genocide museum, experiencing various traditional activities (cooking, dance, basket weaving, art), visiting a tea and coffee factory and sailing on Lake Kivu.

Can I add my own activities to the schedule?

During the information evening, Zawadi presents a travel program. Based on this, Zawadi would like to receive input, feedback and
ideas. Following the information evening, a final program is drawn up that suits the participants of the group. It is therefore certainly possible to add activities if there is interest in them in the group.

Rwanda is known for the Gorillas that live in the wild in the North. Why is Gorilla spotting not included in the proposed program?

If the group would like to go on Gorilla Safari, it is certainly possible to add this to the program. Because this experience costs approximately €1750 per person for one day, the example program has chosen not to include this. A hike at the volcano park to spot other monkeys is included in the program.

About the guidance

Is there a travel guide available on the trip?

Certainly! A Dutch tour guide (Marianne) will accompany you from Zawadi. A local tour guide who has a good command of English and also speaks Kinyarwanda will also accompany you for most of the trip. During the entire trip we will be driven around by a local driver who speaks the local language Kinyarwanda.

What means of transport are used during the trip?

Every day we are accompanied by a local driver who will drive around with us in a small van. These costs are full
included. We only do not use the driver on the first day because everything is within walking distance. The driver speaks the local language.

About the costs

How much does the group trip cost?

The estimated price for the trip is €2499 to €2749. This does not include the costs of the airline ticket and travel vaccinations/malaria tablets and personal expenses. The cost of the plane ticket is expected to be between €600-€900.

Included in the trip: accommodation, activities, breakfast & dinner, Dutch & local tour guide, private transport during the entire trip, travel program, visa, packing list, unlimited bottles of water, ....

Not included: Flight ticket, travel vaccinations/malaria tablets, personal expenses.

It is good to mention that nowhere else is a group tour to East Africa offered as cheaply as at Zawadi.

Are there additional costs that I should take into account?

Not really. You are of course responsible for personal expenses such as souvenirs and snacks. You can decide for yourself what you spend on this.

If you withdraw money in Rwanda, the bank often charges a fee. How much this is varies per bank and you should check with your own bank.

It is polite to tip the local tour guide and private driver at the end of the trip. The guideline for this is €2 per day per person. Since we use the driver for 12 days and the tour guide for 10 days, this amounts to €24 for the driver and €20 for the local tour guide. Of course, you can decide for yourself whether you want to tip the driver and tour guide more and how much. Also, at some museums, admission is free, but a donation is requested.

When do I have to pay for the trip?

You do not have to pay anything until the registration period has expired (May 12, 2024). After this, the balance is drawn up as to whether the trip can continue. You book your flight ticket in the week of May 12 and a deposit of €600 must be made. The remaining amount must be paid 6 weeks before the start of the trip.

What happens if the trip is cancelled?

Imagine: you have been looking forward to that long-awaited group trip with Zawadi for a long time. The excitement builds as you pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable adventure. But then, just when you think nothing can stop you, the unthinkable happens: the trip is canceled.

If the trip is canceled internally by Zawadi, you will receive a full refund. In case of cancellation due to external factors such as
For example, a pandemic or changes in travel advice, we will do our best to refund as much as possible. Amounts incurred in this case that are non-refundable (e.g. bookings or reservations) are at the risk of the participant. If a participant wishes to cancel themselves, the cancellation policy applies.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy for the group trip to Rwanda:

1. Before the final submission date:

- If you cancel before the final registration date of May 12, 2024, you can cancel the trip free of charge.

2. After the final registration date:

- If you cancel after the final registration date, the first deposit of €600 will be withheld. Any costs for air tickets will be handled by the participant himself in accordance with the airline's policy.

3. Between 6 weeks before departure and the day of departure:

- If you cancel within 6 weeks before departure up to the day of departure, the first deposit of €600 will be retained. In addition, the second deposit will be (partially) withheld if these costs have already been incurred by the participant. The costs for airline tickets are handled by the participant himself according to the airline's policy.

This cancellation policy applies to all participants of the group trip to Rwanda. Please note that the cancellation policy is subject to change due to external factors such as government measures, travel restrictions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Other questions

From what age is the group trip?

Participants aged 18 and over can immediately join the group trip.

Young people between the ages of 12 and 15 may travel on the condition that a parent or guardian accompanies them on the trip. For young people aged 16 and 17, we look at factors such as previous travel experience outside Europe to determine whether he/she can go unaccompanied.

What meals are included in the trip and are there vegetarian or other dietary options?

A small breakfast buffet is included during the trip. We also go out to eat at a restaurant every evening. During the day
there is unlimited access to mineral water. Lunch and snacks are not included.

Rwanda is a relatively Western country and vegetarian meals are available in almost every restaurant. Just remember that this one
are often simpler than in the Netherlands. Please clearly indicate your dietary requirements in the registration form so that they can be taken into account.

Do I have to arrange my own travel insurance?

Yes! And provide a copy of this statement to Zawadi. It is also advisable to take out additional health insurance
purchase outside Europe.

Are there any health or vaccination requirements for the trip?

Zawadi does not provide medical advice regarding vaccinations, health risks or malaria tablets.

It is advisable to take malaria tablets during the trip to Rwanda. The Yellow Fever, DTP and Hepatitis A vaccinations are recommended for the trip to Rwanda (not mandatory). (Source: GGD)

For more information, Zawadi would like to refer to the GGD website: https://www.ggdreisvaccinaties.nl/land/rwanda

Do I have to be (very) fit to participate in the trip / is it an active trip?

To participate in a trip you must be in general good health. If you are able to walk 10km at a leisurely pace in one day with several breaks, you are in perfect condition to participate in the journey. Are you in doubt? Contact Zawadi for more information about the trip and/or medical advice from your doctor.

How can I contact Zawadi for further questions?

You can always send an email to info@zawadinamar.nl or send a WhatsApp to 0618719000.
Would you prefer a telephone appointment? Send an email or text and we will arrange it.

  • Sustainable travel

    During the trip we pay attention to nature and look at how we can travel as sustainably as possible

  • Personal contact

    Zawadi is a small-scale company, so there is room and attention for all your questions!

  • Travel safely

    With a local tour guide, a private driver and extensive knowledge and experience about traveling to the tropics, we ensure a fantastic experience!

  • Curated with love

    Zawadi himself loves Rwanda and knows a lot about the culture and history of the country. The trip has been put together with love.

Register here for the information evening (mention in the message that you want to register for the information evening of the Rwanda trip):

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