MEGA SALE: Swazi Candles

MEGA SALE: Swazi Candles

Our candle collection was super popular last year!! The stock we still have left of that collection can now be sold extra cheaply. Zawadi ByMar has never done such a mega sale before (and won't happen often). Grab your chance now for extra cheap Swazi Candles.

What is the offer?

Swazi Candles: €6.50 each (instead of €8.50)

Box of 6 Swazi Candles: €35 (instead of €51)

Zawadi ByMar has never offered candles so cheaply before. Exclusive this week!

What is so special about a Swazi Candle

A Swazi Candle is a fair trade candle from Eswatini. Because the candle burns inwards, it gives a unique lamion effect. The candle burns for approximately 40 hours. When the inner layer has burned out (after approximately 35 hours), you can always place a tea light in it, then the outer layer will last much longer.

I have one Swazi Candle in the cupboard but I think it would be a shame to burn it down....

We understand that you think it would be a shame to burn the candle. The colorful patterns have been carefully designed by the artists in Eswatini. However, we can guarantee that the candle is even more beautiful when it is burning. Now that we offer the Swazi Candles so cheaply, this is your chance to see it with your own eyes ;).

Hmm, I don't need any candles right now....

No problem: the candles are of course also nice to give as a gift! For example, with a box of 6 you always have a few presents on the shelf. For a last-minute party or when you forgot to buy a present. And when your current candle has burned out, you can of course also put one down later :D

Don't miss this exclusive mega offer Swazi Candles, order them here now!

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