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Discover the Rwandan Kandaka Naturals' soap collection! These high-quality soaps are made in Rwanda by a women's group. The meaning of 'Kandaka' is: ' A strong emancipated woman who inspires; a warrior queen.”

The soap is suitable for all skin types and carefully selected natural ingredients have been used. The products are handmade and ideal for sensitive skin types and allergies.

At Kandaka Naturals, the environment and local communities are central. The soaps are packaged in zero-waste packaging and everything is based on recycling principles.

The social mission of this women's group is to end period poverty in Rwanda. Thirty percent of profits are sponsored towards reusable sanitary pads for schoolgirls, and they also organize workshops on feminine health and hygiene.
By purchasing our products you contribute to the end of period poverty in Rwanda.

Experience the power of Kandaka Naturals and give your skin the natural care it deserves!

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