Swazi Candles, de perfecte kaars voor de decembermaand?

Swazi Candles, the perfect candle for December?

Swazi Candles, the perfect candle for December?

Now that it's getting dark earlier and earlier, the holidays are getting closer. It is the time of year when we long for warmth, coziness and attractive decorations. Candles are indispensable during this period, and the Swazi Candles from Eswatini offer something very special that will make your December even more atmospheric. What makes these candles so unique, and why are they the ideal addition for the holidays?

What makes the candles unique?

The Swazi Candles are distinguished by their unique ability to burn inwards and illuminate themselves like lanterns. The outer layer of the candle therefore remains nice and intact while the candle burns from the inside. They are handmade by artisans in the town of Malkerns, located in the heart of Eswatini. Each candle is a vibrant work of art with beautiful patterns and motifs.

How are the candles made?

Of course we can tell you everything about how the candles are made, but it is even more fun to see how they are made yourself! Watch the video here.

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How long do the candles burn?

The first time you light a Swazi Candle, it is important to let it burn for several hours to create a good pool of molten wax. This ensures even combustion in the future. Our Swazi Candles, found on our website, have a burn time of approximately 40 hours, making them perfect for extended use during the festive season. After use, the candle can be transformed into a decorative tea light holder. Simply place a tea light at the bottom of the candle and add some bird sand to spread the warm glow, allowing you to enjoy the candle even longer.

Why are Swazi Candles the perfect addition for December?

Swazi Candles are the perfect choice for the holidays because of their unique design and long burn time. They create a warm, cozy atmosphere and serve as beautiful decorations for any occasion. With their lantern effect they bring a magical touch to your home. Plus, with approximately 40 hours of burn time, you don't have to worry about replacing candles over and over again. The Swazi Candles from our website are sustainable, FairTrade and stylish, and offer a great way to bring a festive mood to your home. So what are you waiting for? Add these unique and enchanting candles to your decor or give them as gifts and be enchanted by their charm this holiday season!

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