Wat is FairTrade en is het écht eerlijk?

What is FairTrade and is it really fair?

What exactly are FairTrade products from Africa?
You've probably heard of FairTrade, but do you know what exactly it means when it comes to products from Africa? Don't worry, we are happy to explain it in understandable language.

What is Fair Trade?
FairTrade is actually very simple. It is a fair way of trading. Let's use our bags made of ecologically tanned leather from Burkina Faso as an example. These bags are designed and made entirely by hand. Doing it the FairTrade way means ensuring that the people who make these beautiful bags get a good price for their hard work.

How does FairTrade work?
Let's stick to the bags from Burkina Faso. Selling these bags the FairTrade way guarantees that the artisans who make them get a fair price. That means they earn enough money to support their families and help their communities.

But that is not everything. With FairTrade, these artisans also receive an extra, a kind of bonus, that they can use for special projects in their village, such as building schools or hospitals.

Is FairTrade sustainable?
Yes, FairTrade is also good for our planet. The craftsmen learn how to work in an environmentally friendly way, without using harmful substances. That means a cleaner environment for everyone.

Is FairTrade really fair?
Now comes the big question: is FairTrade really fair? Well, it's very close. It ensures that artisans get a better price for their products and that is already a huge step forward.

But fairness in global trade is still a challenge because big companies often have a lot of power. But by purchasing FairTrade products, you help make the world a little fairer. Every little step counts!

So, when you buy products from Africa with the FairTrade label, you know you are contributing to fairer global trade, helping with sustainability and improving the lives of the people who make the products. It's a small effort, but it can make a big difference. Let's build a fairer world for everyone together!

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