Onze Missie: Samen Bouwen aan een Eerlijke Toekomst met Zawadi ByMar

Our Mission: Building a Fair Future Together with Zawadi ByMar

Our Mission: building a fair future together with Zawadi ByMar

At Zawadi ByMar we are committed to making a dream come true - a dream of fair trade, community development, and discovering the beautiful continent of Africa. Our mission rests on three important pillars:

1. Fairtrade trading with Africa (No Aid but Trade principle) and giving artisans a perspective

At Zawadi ByMar we believe in the "No Aid but Trade" principle. We do not see Africa as a country dependent on aid, but as a continent that thrives on fair trade. We work closely with talented artisans in Africa, from Burkina Faso to South Africa, offering them not only a platform to share their beautiful creations with the world, but also a fair price for their craftsmanship. By doing this, we give them not only a source of income, but also a perspective on a sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

2. Community Development, economic independence and ensuring a market for producers and their products

We believe that community development is crucial for a sustainable future. We therefore attach great importance to supporting community development, and we do this in a specific way: by supporting local initiatives. As stated, we strongly believe in the 'no aid but trade' principle, which means that we do not donate money to (Western) projects to set up community development. Instead, we invest in local businesses that contribute to their communities on their own initiative. These companies can be small-scale to larger cooperatives with cooperative operations, all of which aim to develop product and organization.

Whether it's a soap company using part of its profits to educate girls about menstrual hygiene, or training new artisans in our partner companies, we ensure that the communities themselves are the driving force behind these initiatives.

Our commitment is to empower local people to improve their own communities, and we continue our efforts to realize this vision. At the same time, we strive to reach a wider international audience, creating a stable market for the beautiful products that our artisans create with so much dedication.

3. Organizing group trips to Africa to show people the beautiful continent of Africa

Africa is a continent of unprecedented beauty, diversity and culture. At Zawadi ByMar we want to give people the opportunity to experience the true beauty of Africa through our group tours. We understand that there are still many misunderstandings about Africa, and we want to break these by sharing real experiences. Our tours offer a unique opportunity to feel the warmth of African hospitality and discover that there is so much more to this amazing continent than is often shown.

At Zawadi ByMar we believe in the power of positive change through working together. Our mission is not only to share beautiful African crafts, but also to bridge cultures and show the world how fair trade and respect for the African continent can make a difference. No aid but trade!

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